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Help Your Clients Unlock Their Change Potential

Coaches are in the change business.

If you want to help your clients as a professional, you need a deep understanding of the psychology of change fitness.

Discover the relationship between the change process and change fitness.

Discover how you can measure it, and help clients get more of it.

When they do, they will be more successful. And so will you.

Professional Development for Coaches – Change Fitness and the Change Process: The Personal Change Fitness Program


Help your clients build their capacity to change 

Many people don’t handle change well, and that is costly in the modern economy. When workers get stressed they disengage, become under-productive, take excessive leave, and quit. This adds to the cost of doing business and eats away at revenue. Tackle this problem head-on: develop their change fitness and reap the benefits.

Help your clients become ready to succeed at change, not just ready to start

Often individuals and organisations are ready to start with change, but not ready to succeed. There’s a very simple rule at work here – you can’t short-change the change process. You have to be ready for success if you want to win. And there are important things to do to get ready to win. We’re not talking about change management; we’re talking about how you get ready to succeed at the change process.

Recruit and retain change fit staff who readily adapt to the changing  environment

It doesn’t cost you any more to recruit a change-fit worker, so why recruit anyone else? If your recruit someone who isn’t change-fit, you’re going to pay for it down the line. Why take that risk when you don’t need to?

Develop exceptional leaders who engage staff and lead successful change

Change-fit leaders thrive in changing environments. It’s their natural territory, and they authentically engage others and lead them forward. Don’t take a risk with leadership – you will pay for it if you do. Let us assess your leaders’ change fitness, strengthen their strengths, and help them overcome their limitations.

Build the change readiness of your organisation or team

In this rapidly changing environment, there is no survival value in being unready for change. We can show why change readiness is important, what it involves, and what you can do to make your team change-ready. And we can help you do it.

Three Areas of Focus

We have 3 areas of focus. First, we focus on personal change fitness. This means helping clients/staff develop greater capacity to succeed at the change process. This is about people develop change capacities they don’t currently have. It’s about helping people develop the psychological capacities to succeed at change.

Second, we focus on exceptional change leadership. We explore the link between a leader’s change fitness and their capacity for leadership. Our leadership training will help you look at leadership in the VUCA world in an entirely new way.

Third, we focus on organisational change readiness. It’s time to get focused on this important issue. This is about the readiness to succeed at change – not just readiness to start. This not just about preparation, getting buy-in, and ticking boxes. Success takes more than management.